About us

Consultare Contabilidade is an accounting intelligence company that combines tradition and technology, with over 25 years of market experience. We seek to exceed the expectations of our clients through a personalized service, helping you to grow and create competitive advantage.

We help entrepreneurs, like you, to improve their accounting management, with great dedication and assertiveness. We use CONSULTING ACCOUNTING to improve management and results, increasing savings, profitability and cash generation.

Our purpose is to demonstrate that accounting is a decision-making tool!

Manage your business efficiently!

We are glad to deliver services that really make a difference in your financial health.


• Managerial support in decision-making
• Periodic meetings to analyze the results
• Management tools that highlight points of improvement and control in the company's management


• Visibility of financial results
• Tax savings
• Reduction in labor liabilities
• Efficient management

Our strategy is based on three pillars:

Our essence is innovation in the provision of professional services.

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